The Revival Arts Collective (RAC) is a network of citizen activists committed to using arts and culture as a catalyst for community redevelopment in the city of Chicago.

The Revival Arts Collective was conceived in 2011 by Frankie M. Brown, Andres L. Hernandez, and L. Anton Seals Jr., and has continued to evolve through the support and efforts of other Chicago activists, artists, designers, educators, and entrepreneurs.

Our supporters and collaborators include the following people: James E. Britt Jr.; Mecca Brooks; Jen Brown; Torkwase Dyson; Auburn Ellis; Leah Gipson; Tempestt Hazel; Lashana Jackson; Clemenstein Love; Bernard Loyd; Faheem Majeed; Tyrone Martinez-Black; Eileen Rhodes; Cliff Rome; Eve Sanford; Eboni Senai; Dave Walker; Amanda Williams; Latrice Williams; and a host of others dedicated to improving the city of Chicago through innovative arts and culture initiatives.